Theme of the story new yorker in tondo my marcelin0 agana jr

Pero hindi ko ito alam. She kisses Nena And Tony, my little pal of the valley…how are you. Oh Tony, I've been such a fool. Well, if you people will excuse me…Tony, remember me to your mother. Alam mo naman tong si Kikay. Tony, you got engaged to a girl named Kikay. Stands up and imitates a girl puto vendor Puto kayo diyan … bili na kayo ng puto.

Wag kang pa hero hero jan nena. My spirit aches for its true home across the sea. Oh, Totoy, you've save my life Kikay: Now, you've ruined my life. You'll find somebody else…someone more proper for you. Singing Bakit kayo ganyan makatingin, super sexy naman ng ating bituin. Laughing - Remember when we pushed her into the canal.

She flounces away, furious TONY: People think I'm a loose woman. Nanaghinip pa ba siya. Tony pulls Nena away.

In amused despair - Oh, you people can't understand at all. I proposed to her just before she left for America and she said we must keep our engagement a secret until she came back. Jumping up and following her - Nena, Nena, you know I love you, only you.

Bakit Mo ginawang tanungin ako para pakasalan kita habang engaged ka pa kay Kikay. Well, that girl doesn't exist anymore. Oh aalis na ako. But when she stopped answering my letters, I considered myself a freeman again.

Tonight, give all your heart, tomorrow, forget. Yung babaeng nakilala mo, Si Kikay yun, Ang babaeng kinakausap mo ngayon ay si Francesca. You have insulted the woman I love. Di ako makapag antay TONY: Mabuti nalang nalaman kong anung klaseng tao ka.

New Yorker in Tondo

I proposed to her before she left for America. Laughing - How you used to pinch and pinch me, Aling Atang, when I was a little girl. Laughing — Of course not, child.

I'm tired of being secretly engaged to you. Di talaga nagbabago ang mga binondo girls iho.

At the same time — Engaged. What were you two quarrelling about?. New Yorker In Tondo Script NEW YORKER IN TONDO By: Marcelino Agana "New Yorker in Tondo" is a classic Filipino Play by Marcelino Agana, Jr. It is a satire written in t he 50's.

It is a story about a girl named Kikay who goes to New York and fell in love with it. She acquires all the New Yorkish things - style, looks, language and manners.

What is the plot of new yorker in tondo;?

New Yorker in Tondo, under the direction of Bart Guingona, was a delight to see and experience! Aside from helping students get a better feel of the story, it also gave people of all ages and from all walks of life, a very important lesson.

New Yorker in Tondo (Marcelino Agana, Jr.) NEW YORKER IN TONDO (Marcelino Agana, Jr.) SCENE: The parlor of the Mendoza house in Tondo. Front door is at right. Curtained window is at left. Left side of stage is occupied by a rattan set –sofa and two chairs flanking a table.

On the right side of the stage, a cabinet radio stands against a back wall. "Theme Of The Story New Yorker In Tondo My Marcelin0 Agana Jr" Essays and Research Papers. Theme Of The Story New Yorker In Tondo My Marcelin0 Agana Jr.

The New Yorker in Tondo By The theme of a story is simply its meaning; it is the main idea explored in the story by the writer.

“Kikay” or “Francesca” is the New Yorker in Tondo. Originally a Binondo girl but studied at New York to learn more about Beauty and Hair Designs. She is a trying hard american, and forces her Mother to also act like her.

Her behavior changed when she came back from New York which her. In the story “New Yorker in Tondo” by Marcelino Agana, Jr., it presents a story which portrays a Filipina who came home from New York after 10 months.

Kikay, Agana’s main character, adopted the style of living of a New Yorker making her treat her friends in opposite way that she used to.

Theme of the story new yorker in tondo my marcelin0 agana jr
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