The true story of elian gonzalez

Lots of politicians have trademarks, though they don't necessarily change with fashion. As a matter of fact, really, what I am saying is I'm a, you know, I'm a humble servant.

Thanks to John McCain it's become a contest, and that's good for our party. One side, applying reason, common sense and laws well established over years, comes to the radical conclusion that a child should be returned to his sole surviving loving parent.

Inconsistency is a double-edged sword. Some conservatives see this case as a long-sought opportunity to stick a finger in the eye of Fidel Castro. And AOL rules on the cover of "U. In Christianity, dolphins have been a symbol of resurrection, as suggested by the above lines from John Milton's poem "Lycidas," about a friend who drowned in the Irish Sea.

So it's a double whammy. Don't bet your Tony Lamas on it. His ratings were pretty good this past week. He recognized early on this could be a big win for him and he's played it for everything it has. Tuesday, 18 April, Sadly, Elian's well-being seems to have little effect on the poisonous political rhetoric coming from Miami and Washington.

Castro accused the US of 'kidnapping' and warned that millions would take to the streets if Elian was not returned. That same day, the Cuban government requested his return. The same dancing girl performed in hotels with holes in her shoes, being unable to buy a new pair What he CAN tell you is that on his first trip, when he suggested to a young woman with whom he'd become friendly that perhaps one day she'd be able to leave the island to visit HIS country, she recoiled in horror and told him that she'd never leave her beloved Cuba At His command, a school of dolphins arrived to protect the child from sharks and nudge him gently toward shore.

Elián González

On a recent trip to Miami, I was amazed at how many people spoke of the preternaturally handsome Elian as "an angel" or, in the case of a supporter quoted in a recent St.

Governor Bush says that would be fine with him. Cuba was a popular revoloution. And I'm sure the numbers are going to bounce around. This has been a conservative canard for years and years and years.

George Bush said it; it is good that he has a challenge for the nomination, he always knew he was going to have one, the Republican nomination's worth something. Do you think that's true and if so what do you think about that.

But, right now, I've got a battle on my hands in a couple of states. Some TV networks erected canopies that shielded their photographers from the sun. Oh, and President Clinton showed off new cowboy boots the other day.

A few minutes later Elian walked out of the front door wearing a brand new school uniform, which included a crisp, white shirt with the red, white and blue crest of the Lincoln-Marti School stitched to the breast pocket.

Of course, I realize that some people are trying to argue that the Right is being inconsistent. Consistent with CBS News practice, no questions or areas of questions were submitted in advance, nor was there any such request from Juan Miguel or his lawyers.

Elian is also torn between the two wings of his family. I don't think this ad makes a great difference. Listen to this ad, tell me if it's going to have any impact. You know, saying let's work this out.

Elian Gonzalez

And this five-page letter, basically a love letter. And he blames his Miami relatives.

Stop Politics, Send Little Boy Back To Cuba

And he supported that big spending bill. A court has to make that decision. It is a poor community, but Juan Miguel, who is a member of the Communist party, makes a decent living there as a cashier at a nearby resort.

Those same relatives, says Juan Miguel Gonzalez, are now trying to destroy his reputation with lies and slander. Now, that there is absolutely no chance of that happening. More than you know!.

Marisleysis Gonzalez, cousin of Elian Gonzalez, is taken by paramedics from a restaurant in the Little Havana section of Miami to a hospital on Tuesday. Gonzalez fainted while giving TV interviews. In an otherwise softball interview on "Nightline," Elian Gonzalez's father was asked repeatedly why he didn't go to Miami to see his son.

He never answered the question. And just ahead, we'll discuss the media's responsibility in the Elian Gonzalez story and the nose dive in the financial markets when we go around the table with Roberts, Page and Carlson.

LATE. Cast, crew and more for A Family in Crisis: The Elian Gonzales Story: Two sides of a family fight for custody of a five-year-old Cuban boy after he is rescued off the Florida coast where he. Reliable Sources Elian Gonzalez Case: Has the Media Coverage Been Fair or Inflammatory?

Aired April 23, - p.m. ET THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. Elian's story has themes of courage and empathy, and there's not really any swearing, drinking, sex, or other red flags for parents -- aside from Elian being taken from his U.S.

relatives at gunpoint.

The true story of elian gonzalez
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