Point view of story of biag lam ang

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Biag ni Lam-Ang Brief history of the Story Biag ni Lam-Ang Point of View Setting of the story: • Nalbuan- somewhere in the Valley of Naguilan River in La Union where Lam-ang and his parents lived.

Full transcript. More presentations by Angelo Moriles. However Lam-ang’s story never ended there. He was sent to catch a gigantic shell but unfortunately she was swallowed by a shark, which he had earlier premonitioned. Her bones were recovered and Lam-ang was resurrected with the help of his magical pet.

The Ilocanos have the story of Lam-Ang. The Darangan, or Mahariada Lawana, is the Maranao version of the Ramayana. The Darangan, or Mahariada Lawana, is. Characters: Major Characters of the story Biag ni Lam-ang Lam-ang – the son of Don Juan and Namongan Don Juan - the father of Lam-ang Namongan - wife of Don Juan Ines Kannoyan - wife of Lam-ang Sumarang - the enemy of Lam-ang4/4(4).

The greatest Ilokano literary work written in Iloko is the Biag ni Lam-ang (the Life of Lam-Ang), an epic about the fantastic life and escapades of an Ilokano hero named Lam-ang.

The father of Lam-ang was brave, he went to mountains to punish an igorot but he frustrated then he was he was killed by an igorot. One is entitled Pangrugian a Pacasaritaan iti Panagbiag ni Lam-ang (Origin and Life Story of Lam-ang),by Canuto R.

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Medina, who was a writer of metrical romances.

Point view of story of biag lam ang
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